What can a marketing video accomplish for my organization?

What can a marketing video accomplish for my organization?

Here are several questions that can help you pinpoint how a video can best work for your needs, be it on your website, as part of your training tools or sales and promotions strategy:


  • Do I need to add audio-visual content to my website, sales presentations and trade show presentations to keep them competitive and current?
  • Do I want to launch or demonstrate a new product? Are there features or selling points of my current product that video could compellingly show?
  • Are there specific audiences for my product or message that would be best targeted through web videos and web diffusion?
  • Is there a training process or company philosophy that could be better taught or shown using video, rather than text?
  • Can video be a more cost effective way to impart our messages to employees, shareholders or franchisees than our current processes?
  • Do we need a video tool to create the emotional pull that will encourage viewers to donate funds or resources to our organization?
  • Does our organization want to harness the power of video to motivate current employees… or recruit new ones?

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