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Pixelit welcomes on board Pixamins

We are proud to present our new affiliate brand, Pixamins. Pixamins is an exclusive author of Envato and performs in creating high quality After Effects Templates for various business or entertainment needs as well as for personal use.   For more information, visit Pixamins Envato…


Corporate video: Needless or needed?

The media landscape we are surrounded by today is dominated by television and the internet, so we are naturally disposed and conditioned to visual forms of mass and broadcast media.   Our visual sense is what we rely on most readily to make judgments, and…


And the winner is…Diolkos 1500 years

It is a privilege to announce that the historical 3D animation film “Diolkos 1500 years” has been awarded with the “Best Antiquity” prize in the Cyprus International Film Festival (C.I.F.F.) at November 2009.   The ‘father’ of the Greek participation through the film “Diolkos 1500…