We create value-for-money high quality marketing videos from A to Z. In record time!

Our team has extensive experience in projects for large and smaller companies.


Consists of professionals with extensive knowledge of motion graphics, television, video, communications and advertising. They are outlined by their passion for the image, their enthusiasm for the communication challenges as well as for their adaptability to customer needs. Having collected dropwise their experience through collaborations with renowned directors, presenters, musicians, actors, university professors to create serials, TV show, documentary, corporate and product presentations and commercials, the Pixelit team decided to keep up with the requirements of critical times we live in: to infuse the essence of this experience in the audiovisual presentation businesses, products and services through Marketing Videos.


Our philosophy is that every company, however small or big it is, should have the right and the opportunity to use the pixels of a screen to communicate its message to the audience. Use the pixels! PIXELIT!

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