A marketing video costs a lot of money: True or Myth?

A marketing video costs a lot of money: True or Myth?

The Marketing Videos count many years of existence in the market and is traditionally considered as an expensive mean for a company to communicate its message. But now a days it is affordable to businesses and organizations of all sizes. There is no need to be complex or expensive to pass the message.


Most of the business people that are interested in a Marketing Video ask “how much will it cost?». The answer to this question is difficult to be given if first hasn’t been done the relevant discussion and cooperation from which the needs, ideas and requirements will arise. To give an expenditure sense, a nice idea with simple production requirements could cost as much as a printed catalog. While a blockbuster, with a famous presenter, exotic locations, 3D animated graphics and aerial shooting, could easily cost hundreds of thousands of euros.


A common set of actions that can give the feeling of cost is in principle the briefing, the study of needs and design the structure of marketing video, the technique used, the duration of the video, soundtrack and sound effects, 3D and motion graphics as well as other pre and post production elements.


Whereas in some cases it is a more effective tool than traditional methods for communicating a message, such as printed or even personal presentations, is generally proven that the cost of creating a marketing video looks even smaller in terms of value for money.

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